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Each painted Grassroots California Velcro Bear by MAMA ANA is a one-of-a-kind, customized, piece of wearable art. ALL patterns and designs are ORIGINAL…and done freehand.

Painted bears can be switched out and matched up with any of the hats and clothing from the Grassroots California Velcro Bear collection. 

PROTECTION & CARE: A protectant is always applied to make the areas that are painted UV resistant & waterproof. Use a microfiber cloth dampened with a little cold water to gently wipe down painted areas. Do not dry in direct sunlight. DO NOT PUT IN THE WASHING MACHINE.

FREE TOUCH-UP POLICY: If, for any reason, the paint on the hat is damaged or comes off, MAMA ANA will gladly touch up the paint job. Customer pays for all shipping costs. Touch ups are FREE and take 1 week to complete. To request a touch up, or if you have any questions about placing a custom order, you can contact the MAMA ANA team here.

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